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Welcome to the Chucks Anime Shrine Blog. Here you can find info on Anime Series, Anime Figures, manga and other Japan/anime related items.

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    Here's a game and strong female lead I feel needs much more attention.  From the series Drag-on Dragoon 3 (Drakengard 3 outside Japan) is the beautiful, strong, deadly and destructive goddess herself, Zero.

    Yet another example of why those who cry "there's not enough strong female leads" are completely wrong.  Zero is the main character the player gets to play as and she kills her sister goddesses while stealing their male devotees.  Seriously, playing this game and seeing the sisters is like watching more adult versions of our Tenshi-Oni / site mascots.

    (image by (?) )

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  • 01/10/15--11:19: Steam Anime Game Sale

  • In case any of you didn't see it a few days ago, it appears that Steam is giving some love to the anime and anime-inspired games in their store with an Anime Weekend Sale.  The sale goes on until Monday (Jan 12th) and if like other Steam sales, it's the kind of thing you should check on daily to see what new discounts pop up.

    Damn...there goes any extra holiday money I might have had left.

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    In Episode 2 of our Anime Shrine Podcast, Danielle and I continue our New Years talk, Nickelodeon anime from the 80's, a little bit on us being pro-gamergate and how we should have done our hobbies full time before it's now a common thing.

    (Warning: Explicit Language)

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    For today's #MoeMonday post, may we present this newly done and wonderful cute shrine maiden image.  From the pose to the artistic polish, this simply a great pic.

     Drawn by the artist, ZiZi. This and other great images by Zizi can be found right here.

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    A little late with announcing these ^^;; but here's some of the newest anime figure pre-orders we currently have in our store.

    For this batch, we see the return of a classic Nendoroid...Rider from Fate/Stay/Night.  There's also the adorable Idol Asuna and more ^^

    Here's a list of some of the newest figures.

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    For today's #FanServiceFriday post is a character who's been drawn a bunch lately... the beautiful Angela Balzac from Rakuen Tsuihou: Expelled From Paradise.

    This particular image is done by Shirabi.


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    For today's #MoeMonday post, here's a gorgeous and surreal image titled "Revelation" by the pixiv artist: TID.

    Check out TID's other work (some are NSFW)

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    For today's #FanServiceFriday post... we have none other than one of our mascots, and one of the main characters in our (seemingly forever unreleased ^^;;) game, Tenshi-Oni...

    ...the sexy, cute and strong, Angel Fumi!

    This is a brand new image drawn by Kenneos.
    We will soon also have some new pixel art of Fumi and her forms as well and I hope more info on the game and it's ongoing production.  Now that PikiPop is released, it's time to go back on this project that has tons of code, art and music already a part of it.

    If any of you want to draw our mascots and have them featured here... feel free to email us and we will gladly show off your art and site(s)

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  • 02/02/15--12:06: RIP Monty Oum

  • We are really saddened by the news that Dead Fantasy/RWBY creator Monty Oum has passed :-(...

    This past year has been nothing but loss for us personally and now we hear yet another person who inspires us in our creative fields has passed away.

    Monty Oum was a person who proved that if you taught yourself and worked hard, you can be successful. It didn't matter what school you came from, or even if you finished school.... what mattered in the end was your love for your craft.

    We here at Chuck's Anime Shrine want share our deepest condolences and heartfelt wishes for his family in this time of loss. May he continue to be an inspiration for new and upcoming animators, designers and anime fans alike long after today. I've been around long enough to have seen the entire span of his career and he deserved all success he earned and then some.

    It's people like Monty that has kept me an avid anime & animation fan, even as I'm in my 30's now. People like him inspire me to keep improving and to always keep moving forward in this not second guess our love for it and what can be accomplished with this love for anime, videogames, programming, voice acting and animation....even if the world around us tries to diminish that love.

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    In Episode 3 of our Anime Shrine Podcast, Danielle and I talk about the terrible loss of  beloved animator and fellow anime fan Monte Oum.  We also have our first guest, FattyJanai who attended the recent Magfest convention.  FattyJanai & I dive more into the SJW cult invasion of game, anime and overall media which the consumer movement #gamergate is continuing to unravel and make public in their efforts.  We discuss how the new wave of PR policing could stifle the very creativity that game devs and animators like myself and others in this field have work so hard to make mainstream after decades of religious right persecution.

    (Warning: Explicit Language)

    (Part 1)

    (Part 2)

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    Pardon the late Valentine's Day post.  In Episode 4 of our Anime Shrine Podcast, Danielle and I talk about Valentine Day, shipping couples, examples of strong anime, game couples and I still don't know when to shut the hell up about GamerGate rambling.  We also have a guest joining us... our friend Wanderer Gene who talks about some of what he's done in not just attending cons but also doing some panel running and employment work there as well.

    (Warning: Explicit Language)

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    Not anime related directly but something we've been a part of on our blog and site for a long time since this can not only affect your anime viewing, but all of the internet in general.

    Today, the FCC officially voted to protect #NetNeutrality by having ISPs and their services be classified under Title II utilities.  There's still much to be done but now the ball is in our court for once when it comes to our internet and how important it is for everyone in our daily lives.  Users of the internet, many whom popularized it with our anime, video games and yes even the memes.. now forced ISPs to end the Oligopoly of their internet services.  This monopoly-like business practice has kept many people away from the internet speeds & pricing that reflect what it should be in 2015 based on current, available technology.. in favor of old hat business practices and good old greed.  Not only that, but the ISPs (Comcast in particular) were getting close to closing the internet to only open it to the highest bidder with things such as "fast lanes" and other tolls that shouldn't exist in what should always stay open, low cost and free of Monopolies or Oligopolies.  The internet is too important to be some BS, outdated, unavoidable cable/satellite/etc package deal.

    For once, after all of the pressure we gave the FCC from both inside and outside the US...they are actually listening to us instead of the corporate lobbyists who are paid to stifle the internet.

    Again, let's not put our guard down and there's still much to do, but not since the blocking of SOPA has the people of the internet been able to get our voices heard to prevent a terrible future.

    Full story:

    Reddit Thread:

    Image credit:


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    We really are on the cusp of videogame graphics and lighting matching real life.  I've been playing games since 1985 and this dream of us gamers and game devs is not too far from being accomplished..and I couldn't be more excited; especially now that these tools are available to any dev, AAA or not.  Using the physics & lighting that govern our universe is in the calculations seen in the latest 3D engines... we are becoming masters of light and information.

    Next milestone would be to create something in tune to what is in the SAO anime, where this data is streamed to your mind and you live the game or simulation like a dream.  For that, we need to be masters of a computer that's had billions of years to evolve...our brains.

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    To celebrate both #FanServiceFriday and #NationalCleavageDay today, here's an amazing art piece of Gurren Lagann's Yoko Littner by Stanley Artgerm Lau.  check out his other work here:

    It's been making the rounds on social media lately for good reasons (other than the obvious two); simply stunning art of your favorite anime and game characters.

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    We are back and this time around, we are pissed.  Yes, I get back on the whole gaming/gamergate situation because it's become apparent that be it video games, programming, anime or any artistic venue, there are people more adamant than ever trying to stifle artistic expression under the false guise of "social justice".  The Thought Police has even gotten their hands in conventions with the whole "no aggressive navels "& similar asinine rules and the culture war has even hit close to home with one of our own blog posts flagged under Google Adsense's horrible new "lewd" rules (image of the email from Google seen below).

    Sit back, eat some sexy deviled eggs for this Easter weekend post...but make sure you don't drink the SJW punch, because that shit is poison.

    (Warning: Explicit Language)

    Direct Link

    (Applause are welcomed; jazz hands not required)

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    For years we here at Chuck's Anime Shrine have been supportive of artists big and small behind our favorite media.  We create content online as well and we know how hard it can be to do what we love while the daily struggles of life (mundane/underpaying 9-5 jobs...or lack thereof, etc) can derail the dreams and goals of artists, voice actors, video editors, game devs and other creative people.  Like us, many of the artists and content creators out there have a simple do what we love for a living; making creations that can financially free us from the confines of the average daily life.  If you don't come from wealth jobs or personal situations tend to never be what we want to do nor actually accomplish anything beyond running in circles for somebody else's dreams/goals.  Thanks to the internet, some crowdfunding services have come up in recent years to help all of us break free from that endless loop; adding to the already established platforms like Newgrounds, Youtube, deviantart, Pixiv and other staples of internet content submission.

    From the artists Kenneos and Eefi whom helped build the image of our mascots to other fan artists we try to promote here, we do what we can to show that we are here with you in this quest.  (Also want to note that every day that our flagship game, Tenshi-Oni, isn't published... I feel a bit ashamed as I know so many talented music artists have granted us the rights to use their amazing music for free ^^;;)

    One of the recent platforms for content creators to come up in recent years is the site, Patreon.  Now, I'll admit, in roughly the past year I've been rather critical of crowd funding...moreso how some people have warped these services into some sort of welfare system just for existing and using false victimhood to get said funds.  I've seen people use Patreon, GoFundMe and Kickstarter literally saying "help me pay for my bills because I'm 'so-and-so' ...I have nothing to give..but just pay me".  Adding insult to injury, the people who tend to do this usually are those who already come from wealth/free-time/opportunity and thus bastardize the main goals of these platforms and the many people who work hard for their fans, whom are grateful that they are at or on their way to reaching that wonderful dream of doing what you want to do for a living.

    Anyways...politics and semantics aside, on to why we have this post in the first place...

    We are proud to say that we are now officially Patrons to two wonderful artists on Patreon... Zeronis ( and Sakimichan ( ^_^

    Please do check out their work.  As our anime business rebounds and our own game dev work progresses we will do what we can to add to this list.  Sakimichan and Zeronis are rather well known and albeit, rather well funded creators now but they, like many of us started from the ground up and got where they are because of their skill and hard work.  They are also very humble and great people who do indeed care about their fans.  That's one thing we're liking about Patreon, is that the funding for the creators is  based on them actually creating something for their backers/patrons.  (Also want to note, outside of Patreon, we are currently commissioning a sprite artist who's working hard on making cool animations of our main mascot Fumi and her forms ^^)

    So, what about Chuck's Anime Shrine and Patreon?  Well, yes, we do have a Patreon account and we are in the process of building it up correctly for any of you who wish to be our patrons.  You can check out our Patreon page here:

    Granted, as of the writing of this post, the page is in dire need of editing and some palatable creations on there...pretty much just slapped stuff together initially and learning the platform ^^;;  From me being a game dev, video editor, Let's Player, animator, voice actor, web dev and even recently a bit of a music composer to Danielle being an animator with Channel Frederator...we should soon be able to give people a reason to be our patrons.  If we can achieve that dream...something we almost had with this anime site a few years prior, it will only mean more content here on the site..more figures in the store, more games (particularly the almost eternally delayed Tenshi-Oni project) and more artists/content creators we will support ^_^.  I know for a fact that if I didn't have to work my current, mundane, underpaying 9-5 web-dev "company's computer guy" job that I oddly still have despite the anime figure business...I'd be working so many hours to make this site and our creations be the worth viewing / playing.

    (Please note: we will be backing these two artists for at least the next month or two...we will try to do so longer... but due to financial restrictions there might be a future date that we have to pause said backing. Again, the goal will be to add to the list of artists we support)

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    On Friday we had the honor of meeting our friends over at Channel Frederator / Cartoon Hangover (@channelfred /@cartoonhangover) My fiancee Danielle has been a member of their awesome network and for a number of months, I've became friends with Nicky from Cartoon Hangover and particularly when he by chance was stocking up on Nendoroids and other figures for the ToyPizza show ^_^  Danielle and I had the honor of meeting up & having lunch with Nicky, Cade and other wonderful people at the Channel Frederator office.  It really was like all of us were friends for much longer as we love talking about the same topics, be it anime, figures, video games and the Cartoon Hangover shows like Adventure Time, Bee & Puppycat & Steven Universe.  

    If you guys are reading this blog, we want to thank you all again ^_^ Was a great day in NYC.

    Here's some images from out trip and when Danielle an I went to visit Nintendo World later in the day:

    Here's the Frederator Office ^^

    PuppyCat in Lego form

    More of that awesome Lego table

    Me and Nicky when Danielle, me , Cade and others had some lunch at the office. 
    (Danielle being silly with the Instagram effects)

    Some pics from after our meetup, as we walked to Nintendo World and then Central Park 
    (CatBug joining the adventure ^^)

    @ Nintendo World ^^

    Danielle playing some Smash Bros on the Wii U

    Danielle Playing some DBZ Xenoverse later on over at Toys R US

    Over at Central Park

    CatBug enjoying the weather ^^

    CatBug watching me write my IOS Game Dev book on the train home (more on that in a future post ^_^)

    Home and having some Pizza with CatBug

    Was such a great time and hope to visit our friends at Frederator / Cartoon Hangover again soon ^_^

    Check out Nicky And Cade's Cartoon Hangover updates

    and the Toy Pizza Show

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    Hey everyone.  Pardon the long gap in seeing new figure pre-orders in our store ^^;; No worries though as a fresh batch of anime figure pre-orders are now up for the taking...but remember, there's only a limited time to reserve yours and that time is marked on the product listing pages.

    In this batch of figures you'll find some really awesome ones like:

    As for important figure news for both new and past customers, we wanted to let you all know that as of a little over a month ago, the west coast port labor dispute that was causing anime products (and products from practically every industry) to be delayed by up to 3 months has been over and thus for the most part, business is back to normal.  One of our main wholesalers, Ultra Tokyo Japan, also moved their location which also explains why some of you have been waiting for some pre-orders longer than usual.  Just want to let you all know that we still have your pre-orders on file and once we hear they are finally enroute, we will be emailing you asap.  

    If you have any questions or concerns, you can always email us at

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    Yep, it's official, a New Dragon Ball series is on the way and will be airing this July in Japan!

    Dragon Ball's last series, Dragon Ball GT, ended in Japan over 18 years ago!  At around that time, Dragon Ball Z was first airing here in the US on cable stations and soon on the then newly created Toonami block on Cartoon Network. Oddly, there was also an English dub of the Dragon Ball GT Final Bout game for the Playstation 1 briefly available during the initial US airing.  That game was actually my first exposure to the Dragon Ball franchise.  I would visit a friend of mine, Tiago, who owned the game, whom later went on to work at Cartoon Network.  We would play Final Bout, Final Fantasy VII and the game Bust a Groove since I was a pure Nintendo fan boy at the time and didn't own a PS1.  It was those three games as well as being introduced to Toonami by Tiago that helped me become an anime fan.  What I'm saying is that, like many of you, Dragon Ball Z was what made us anime fans and this news, though not surprising considering the success of the two DBZ movies and the truncated/edited DBZ Kai series, is so awesome to hear.

    Dragon Ball GT, though the last series true series, wasn't made by the series creator Akira Toryama. For years, fans wanted a new post GT series; usually in the form of the fan-made Dragon Ball AF...which in my opinion is worse than the worst even GT ever came up with.  (An SSJ 6 grey haired Goku? wat?.please.. no).  

    Back in 2013, with the creation of the Battle Of Gods movie by Arika Toriyama, the entire GT series became defunct. (BoG Spoilers)  Not only ending with the creation of a new type of Super Saiyan, Super Saiyan God...but also hinting how there are now many universes with Beerus being the most powerful in our Universe and Whis, who's even more powerful, not even from this universe.  This left the series open ended and with the release of the Revival of F movie and now this bit of became apparent that the series is truly moving forward. 

    As a DBZ fan since 1996... this is amazing news and here's hoping the series will be better than GT was.

    New sources:

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    Honestly thought the hype to this was a joke, but yes, as we see here from this year's E3 event, Final Fantasy VII is indeed getting a PS4 remake.  Square-Enix listened and probably have been making this under the scenes for some time.

    FFVII was the game that made me an anime fan back in '97 and thus the creation of this site in 2002.  I think many of us should be excited about this game but also try not to expect the same charm as the original.  Maybe expect something new and different.

    and also.. holy s*** we are going to see Tifa in PS4 goodness!!! 0-0

    On a side note: pardon (yet again) for lack of updates and anime store updates.  There's actually been some very good happenings with us here at CAS.  As of a month ago, I got commissioned to write an IOS Game Dev book by a major publisher and (as of today actually), finalized my position as a Unity/VR game developer in my 9-5; finally ridding myself of that old "web dev" job I've been trying to be free from for so long.  Lots of really great stuff this 6/15/15.

    Until my book is done in late July and as I begin my new 9-5 role as a Unity/IOS game dev, expect probably not too much updates until after then ^^;;  For this bit of news..we couldn't not mention it.  

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