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Welcome to the Chucks Anime Shrine Blog. Here you can find info on Anime Series, Anime Figures, manga and other Japan/anime related items.

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  • 02/11/14--20:23: Anime Store Redesign Pending

  • Pardon the look of the anime store at the moment... ^^;;

    Actually today I was going to announce the first figure to go on pre-order after more than a year of recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy... but the store's engine (OSCommerce) was using a version and code that dates back to 2005.  As we speak (and with tons of coffee thanks to MySQL databases such a pain to deal with), I'm adding a brand new store in every way; will be CSS3, HTML5 , Responsive Design.  You'll be able to buy anime products on your phone too...oh, and I also plan on adding Bitcoin as a payment option.  At the moment it seems everyone (all 800+ of you) who are registered customers to my store might have to reinput your login info / addresses again...but I'm seeing if I can merge old data with the new (again... lots of coffee over this)... so if in the end I can't, my sincere apologies.   The goal is to truly bring back my anime store and prove that we are right on par with the likes of Crunchy Roll, Hobby Search, Hobby Stock, etc.  Then again, CAS has been around since 2002, had the store added in 2007, is a Good Smile Company Partner Store.  So yeah, I think I should show the others whose boss :p

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    Took me a bit of time to get the ball rolling on this but Pre-Orders are finally back in my anime store! ^_^

    As some of you might have known, the store got a bit of a year+ long hiatus of sorts due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.  The first figure to for you all to pre-order is one that has been on the pre-order charts for a few weeks but is absolutly impressive, the Hyperdimension Neptunia: Purple Heart 1/7 Scale Figure by Good Smile Company & Wing.

    Like many anime figure pre-orders, she's got some long ways before she'll be released (~8/2014)...and yes, unfortunately US retailers get them a month or so after Hobby Stock and other Japan-local stores do (-_-), but I know some fans prefer to order locally and I'm glad to say I'm giving people that choice again.  As one of the few US Good Smile Company Partner Stores, I think it's my mission to do so ^^.

    So, hurry up and make your pre-order soon though, since after 2/28/2014... the deadline for pre-orders close and she might not be available to order after that.

    Here's some more images of her:


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    A very special #figureFriday Post (sorry if you guys on our newsletter saw this already ^^;;)
    About 7 years ago, we added our very own anime store; a place by fans for fans.  It's been a great run; we became a name here in the US, selling over $100K anime figures & accessories within the first few years.  We were there selling Official/non-bootleg Nendoroids and Figmas right from the start of their production.

    As some of you know, in late 2012, Hurricane Sandy ruined the track record for the store; causing pre-orders to not arrive to the east coast and flat out ruin the chance this store had in being right up there with the likes of stores we've shopped at in the past like  AmiAmi, Hobby Search and Anime List.

    After a long year+ of rebuilding, we are very happy to announce we are "back" with the creation of a new version of the anime store! ^_^

    Here's a rundown of what's new:
    • New look and feel; currently a brighter look than the past with even a tab to see the latest anime pre-orders ^^
    • HTML5/CSS3..or more importantly, Responsive Design; shop anime products on your desktop, tablet or phone
    • New Payment Method: BitCoin! Credit Cards, Paypal and Amazon Payments are still there but with Google randomly removing Google Checkout, we decided to follow what stores like, TigerDirect and others are doing and allow Bitcoin Payments via BitPay.  Not sure if we are the first but it's safe to say we are one of the very few places where you can Buy Anime Products with Bitcoin! ^_^ 
    Currently the listings are a bit slim as we continue to sell our old stock..but more older "hidden" stock will become available as well as the return of the anime figure pre-orders and maybe even the return of Swarovski figures & the inclusion of new lines of products.

    Thank you all for shopping with us in the past and we hope to create an even better place for anime fans to shop for the future ^_^

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    Pardon the Bitcoin-heavy title but I thought it'd be best to post this all together in a single post ^^;;

    Bitcoin Creator Unmasked

    Bitcoin is in the news again today but thankfully not due to something negative/naysaying like that whole Mt. Gox issue.  Instead, today the creator of this open sourced currency finally revealed who his is.  Before today, he was only known as "Satoshi".  I'll admit, before I began to understand Bitcoin and crypto currencies, his secretive identity for a while lead me to not want to be bothered by it; as has been the case with many people who aren't computer scientists like myself, who can appreciate the potential such a system can have.  Satoshi was revealed as Satoshi Nakamoto, a 64 year old Japanese-American who was once an engineer for RCA.  As many of us anime fans know about some famous anime celebrities, particularly manga artists / novel writers, Satoshi kept his secrecy mainly because he didn't want to be out in public doing meetings, press conferences and the like. also, the system works for itself with or without him...which is what us business owners and computer scientists share in our goals for the different projects an businesses we strive to create.   Bitcoin being OpenSource allows that and of course helped create the multitude of other cryptocurrencies... like the one time joke currency of DogeCoin which recently was the funding source behind the Jamaican bobsled team making it the recently ended 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.  Now that there's a face to Bitcoin's creation, with the transparency of it's opensource nature, hopefully this means even more adoption and trust in the currency even after the separate entities like BTC exchanges sometimes are not trustworthy to their clientele (ie: Mt. Gox)



    As shown by CrunchyRoll, Bitcoin recently got it's own anime mascot, Bitcoin-chan.  This cute mascot was made by Eroge artist Mochiko Kagamino (warning, NSFW link!).  She's become a free-to-use mascot (except for product sales) and will have a manga strip soon.


    Buy Anime Figures With Bitcoin! (thanks to us here on Chuck's Anime Shrine!)

    I'm not 100% certain if I can make this claim but screw it, I'll do it anyway until somebody shows me proof otherwise....

    As of last week, on Friday February 28th 2014, we here at Chuck's Anime Shrine became the FIRST (?) official anime retailer to offer payment of anime figures and anime-related merchandise in Bitcoin!

    The store is still building up from the once bustling business it was before Hurricane Sandy but we are proud to say that if you wish to pay for anime goods in Bitcoin, you can do that HERE.  We utilize a secure SSL setup insite with the added security of an external Bitpay account to process your payments in Bitcoin based on it's value at that very moment.  More details and fine print will be posted in our store section in the coming week concerning Bitcoin transactions but we join the ranks of and Tiger Direct when it comes to Bitcoin.  So don't be scared of Bitcoin.  Give the banks corporations something to sweat about and get your anime goods with those Satoshis.

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    Over at our sister site, Anime.FM we posted the video of a really great Nightstep remix of the Touhou Project song, Bad Apple.  Thought we'd show another really amazing remix of that song done in traditional Japanese instruments from back in 2011.  Yes, it sounds as magical as you'd imagine.

    Here's the details of the arrangement from the youtube page:

    Touhou BGM played in a traditional Japanese Instruments sound on tradtional stage.

    Shamisen1: Nami Kineie []
    Shamisen2: Sakurako Satoh
    Koto: Nahoko Ohata []
    Shakuhachi1: Makoto Takei []
    Shakuhachi2: Toshiya Mizukawa []
    Drums: Keiko Tada []

    Arrangement: Yorihide Fukushima []
    Recorded and mixed by: Toshiya Mizukawa []
    Calligraphy: Jiro Shirosuzu []
    Photography, Editing: Ikiro P []
    Head: Kohtaro Fujiyama []

    Original: BadApple!! [ZUN ~Team Shanghai Alice~] [Toho Gensokyo ~Stage 3]

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    For today's Moe Monday post, here's a pretty picture by the very talented Momopoco.

    Check out more of Momopoco's work on pixiv and on danbooru

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    Looking more at Momopoco's work, an artist we've showed a number of times here, I was just driven to showcase this one.  An absolutely stunning anime fox girl with blue hair and a red kimono.  This image gives that old 90's anime detailed feel while at the same time having that more contemporary computer bush art detail we see from today's anime artists.


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    For today's Fan Service Friday post, Here's a stunning, beautiful and sexy anime girl image done by the artist, Deneb (a little NSFW).


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  • 03/28/14--12:06: Kill La Kill Figures

  • As some of you might know, today the final episode of Kill La Kill has aired. (don't spoil it for me, I'm still in the early episodes ^^;;)  I thought I'd make a special #figurefriday post, posts I plan on doing more in the future, to mention the newest batch of pre-orders I have added to my newly redesigned anime store.  That, my fellow Kill La Kill fans is the announcement of the newest pre-orders in our crazy awesome series.

    Here they are:

    There they are, freaken awesome looking as we'd imagine.  Just for reference to anyone new to my site, blog and store, I wanted to again note that we are an official Good Smile Company partnerstore (so NO bootlegs here), and our store section has been around since 2007 ^_^  

    Also, something new...we not only let you simply reserve a pre-order, or pay in full before hand via Paypal, Amazon, or credit card (in either the Paypal or amazon payment portal), but we also now let you pay in Bitcoin!  

    We've also recently teamed up with the new legit US Good Smile Company wholesaler...
    Ultra Tokyo Connect!  They now join the ranks of our other legit anime distributors, like AAAanime, YesAnime, Diamond Comics and others ^_^

    Here's some more images of the figures:


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    Hey everyone.  Wanted to get people up to date about my long running video game project, "Tenshi-Oni" This project is almost as old as this site and though having a very long and drawn out development cycle, hindered by negative life & work events, it's been on the move and only positive life/work events seem to be keeping the release info and development slow now.  That's a good thing though as there's been lots of great things happening this year both with the game and with other aspects of this site (...and even my voice acting career.)

    Ok, so.. here's the deal.  The game, site mascots, story originally dubbed "Project Fumi" in 2003 and later named "Tenshi-Oni" is now officially a licensed/copyrighted property.  Granted, they technically have been since 2003 as the mascots, Fumi and Lily have been here on the site since the beginning with Yumi coming in around 2007 with the creation of the anime store section.

    Since then there's been some art contests and such with the characters and, though not truly known as more newer mascots, like my friend Danny Choo's Mirai and co... they still are somewhat known...or, once the game comes out, will definitely be.

    As of this week, the IP of "Tenshi-Oni", the characters, story about a blue-haired Japanese school girl named Fumi who can transform into an angel or demon and the game's code has been officially copyrighted on paper.

    Why did I doing this?  A few reasons:

    1) These characters have been around since 2003, so I have to protect them from people who will think I took them from something or simply claim ownership over them when or before the game goes public.  There hasn't been any cases of this but it's a good CYA (Cover Your Ass) method in squashing Copyright Trolls.  Copyright Trolls (a company claiming people's work or a basic phase, like "Candy" and then suing everybody who "violate" that is a major, major issue nowadays.  One example being YouTube's abysmal Content ID system

    2) The game will be on iPhone to start. If successful I'll be able to work full time on it for even greater versions/upgrades of the game, more games and on more devices/systems.   With that comes the inevitability of copycats.  Look at FlappyBird for example.  My goodness did the copycats came along during and after it' eventual takedown by it's creator.  I'm not against people emulating what I'm doing with the game..I mean, my game takes bits and piece of game play style from a few things, particularly 2D side shooters...but then it opens the door for a Candy Crush-like situation.  What do I mean by a Candy Crush situation? To put it briefly, in 2010 an indie game dev made a game very similar to Candy Crush... before the game even came out.  The devs at King basically copied this game to create Candy Crush.  The most damning issue wasn't so much that the game emulated CandySwipe almost to the was that King went and sued the creator of CandySwipe after their copycat game got big.  Yet another incarnation of a Copyright Troll.  If Tenshi-Oni becomes even semi-popular and worth'll inevitably happen.  I can't stop that, in some cases I'll welcome it if I'm the head of the pack/the real macoy... but I want to squash the Trolls using the system itself before they come after me; even after the fact the game's been an IP since 2003.

    3) To protect the fans from Copyright Trolls. One thing I want to make certain about my legally binding the name "Tenshi-Oni", "Project Fumi", etc... I do NOT want to steal a fan's ability to showcase, fanfic, etc this work.  Problem is, as we see with YouTube's terrible Content ID system... a fan of Tenshi-Oni could say, show a Let's Play of it, draw fanart, make a music video of it, and do what us here at CAS and other fans have one for years with anime/game IP we love..simply share their love for it.  Copyright Trolls have gotten so bad that ha I not do this, a fan could make an AMV of the game, post it on youtube (and I' be 1000% OK with that).but a copyright troll could claim it and pull down the video under my name...when it wasn't actually me.  This happens DAILY on Youtube since they "updated" their Content ID system.  If Tenshi-Oni becomes loved enough to be worthy of AMVs, Let's Plays, fan art, etc...I want to be on the front lines to make sure you fans can do so without ANY slack from a Copyright Troll claiming my work as theirs.


    • Tenshi-Oni and the characters are now truly copyrighted material
    • please by all means, make parodies, more fan art of the mascots, AMVs, what have you before during or after the game's release and anything tied to the Tenshi-Oni story.  I will not be angry and take down your work for the sake of "protecting" Tenshi-Oni... I, more than anybody else know that anime fandom's sharing HELPS an IP, not hurts it.
    • The best way to fight copyright trolls who'll go after me or the fans to use the system they game to fight them back... and that's what I did.

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    Wanted to make a quick note of assurance to those that might be worried about the Heartbleed bug and it's possible effect on our site, or particularly, your data in our store.

    The good news are all safe here ^_^

    Here at, our webhost is, and has been since 2004,  Since the store was created in 2007, we've used their SSL service to keep your data safe so we don't use OpenSSL for our store's encryption.  Instead, we use RapidSSL.

    Also, when the store recently was upgraded and ported to the /shop/ address, I took extra measures in security to make sure the HTML coding and the PHP backend code in the store's Oscommerce engine was the very newest version (at the time of this writing ver and that the encryption passed Google Chrome's strenuous SSL test.  Any of you using Chrome will see in the store's cart page the green lock icon showing it's safety.

    It's always good to be more safe than sorry and even if our site is safe from the bug, your login info elsewhere on the internet might not be...and if you use the same login credentials across the internet, a hacker could use that to login to your account anywhere.

     To help stop the automation of such an act, I've also recently added reCapcha requirements for account creation and password changes on the store... this way, bots potentially using your info stolen from other sites affected by Heartbleed... won't get far here.

    So, if you feel you need to change your info nonetheless, go right ahead.  All customers of the old store design can log in like they did before the store upgrade; same username and all.  Oh, and use the store's own password reset.  Like any good secured site, neither me or anybody else has a plain text copy of your credentials.

    Here's a list of site affected by the bug... keep safe and watch your personal data.

    (PS: and do in fact use GoDaddy (a host effected by this bug) as their webhosts but currently there's no customer credentials there, so those are unaffected by this bug as well)


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    Across the internet today, word is out that Sony is selling all of it's entire stock in Square-Enix; roughly $47 million worth.  Now, mind you, we know that Square-Enix has been having issues with some of the fans when it comes to amongst other things, drawn out sequels and forced characters.  Square-Enix though has had some success and even the urge to go back to JRPGs thanks to better than expected sales with the Bravely Default game.

    The fiscal numbers for Sony isn't out yet and many of the gaming news news sites are creating an idiotic panic fueling a "is Square Enix going down?" fear.  The truth of the matter is actually the opposite.  This is a question I actually can answer because I work somewhat with Sony... just sadly not their gaming division.

    For almost 8 years now, I've been the web content editor for a pro camera store out on Long Island.  we are literately down the road from the US headquarters of Canon and Nikon.  One of the other manufactures we sell products for, work with sales & tech reps for.. is Sony.  Sony's DSLR division in addition to their PlayStation division as we gamers and anime fans know... are actually Sony's only current profitable divisions.  You see, Sony's been having a bit of an identity crisis since the 1990s.  The days of the Walkman are long gone.. as seen from this recent post by People Magazine and others a few days back.  Just..don't tell that to Sony.  From the ongoing success of the PlayStation from PS1 to PS4 and being the third/fourth wheel in the pro camera department, Sony's departments (all terribly disjointed mind you) thought that they were still the grand kings of ALL of electronics.  Despite the rise of Apple, Samsung, LG and other electronic manufacturers...Sony still mentally held on to the notion that they were, in the rest of the electronics market, as great as they were in the 80's and 90's in the years before Playstation when the Walkman was their cash cow.

    I personally saw this ignorance to this reality evident in the pricing policies that they enforced in their DSLR division a few years back.  At around 2009 and 2010, Sony, and then later followed by Nikon and others, created a very strict MAP (Minimum Advertising Policy) to their camera products.  They call it their SURE Policy and every reseller (ok except apparently the seller in Japan and China) MUST abide by it.  MAP policies are basically a company saying, "If you sell x or y product for any lower than the MAP price, you lose your rights to sell that product or even lose the rights to sell ANY Sony product." This forced pricing and in some cases for the consumer, price fixing/gouging was done and later copied and named silly stuff like MVP/UPP, etc by other companies to deter online sellers for selling the products at a deep discount.  Makes scene for the reseller and boy at times I wish this was the case for the anime products I sell, but not only do these policies get REALLY silly, they most of the time ignore the fact that most of the time, the current online selling price IS the real value of that product.  Many drop in value quick because in 2-3 months they are all replaced by a marginally better product (trust me I add these damn things daily to my job's site).  Also, as stated before... a US retailer will be barraged with policies while a Japan-local dealer will oddly be excluded from such policies.  Sony's SURE policies are some of the dumbiest in all of MAP policies, even out derping Nikon's MVP price fixing / regional locking policy.  Sony tells us to make sure there's at least three bullet points and a Sony reseller sticker on their product listings or risk being flagged.  Really, really stupid stuff.

    Sony's attitude in this market is that they are the TOP electronics company...but anyone alive in the past 10-15 years can tell you that their Playstation is all we know and care about.  all of those other divisions must be bleeding money... and yep they are

    So, how do I know this info before the numbers go out that Sony is hurting?  Well, straight from people I know in their SLR division. As of two weeks ago, their Camera Division had 40% of their workforce cut. Mind you this one of Sony's profitable divisions.  Every division is seeing this and it comes to no surprise that the sell off of Square-Enix stock is a desperate money grab for Sony.  The reality they tried to hide in their SURE polices and their marketing is finally starting to come to fruition and Sony's new management is doing what it needs to cut the fat and grab all they can.

    The terrible thing about this is that people will think Square-Enix is the one falling when in reality it's Sony.  Either way it's not good for either company but before you think Meteor is falling realize the force of desperation in this move is coming form Sony as they realign their goals, NOT Square-Enix.  Even in the Gamespot article they tell of this.

    Keep an eye for Sony's numbers after today, I bet you all they will show a loss in their other departments and lower forecast profits in their only two good divisions left.

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    A major issue on the internet has been bubbling for some time.  An issue that has been a detriment to gamers, cosplayers and anime fans alike.  That is, well are, SJWs, or Social Justice Warriors.

    Ever since the start of the internet, cyberbullying has existed.  I remember the late 90's and the chat rooms of AOL, later the forums of Newgrounds and the incarnation of what became 2chan and 4chan.  Trust me, I've been there, we both (Danielle and I) have been there.  In the real world and on the internet Danielle and I have been the victims of bullying and gender hating.   As somebody who was more of a mix of an athlete & nerd I didn't get some of the teasing that some of you might have gotten.  Bullying hurts people in the real world and the internet and it's understandable where SJWs come from but it's also important to realize who the SJWs speak for... and it's not us, the ones who have been bullied, teased and abused online and the real world.. they are just a voice for themselves and lost in their own illusion that they aid people.   

    (How to piss off a SJW: post a sexy gamer girl who knows she's sexy)

    SJWs of tumblr and the subreddit r/ShitRedditSays are themselves becoming one of the most offensive / bullying groups on the internet today.  They have been hiding under the guise of social tolerance and fronting much of the talk with feminism in videogames.  I will agree there ARE terrible gamer guys who will degrade and hate women, cosplayers and gamer girls like the SJW claim.  Problem is that this group is performing seppuku on the entire medium in the sake of being politically correct.  They will hate an bash gamer girls and cosplayers who happen to be attractive and ironically perform the very cyberbulling that they claim they are trying to fight against.  Think Westboro Baptist Church but instead of making religion (ok, religion doesn't need the help of WBC to do that) they make feminists and those trying to help the innocent and bullied look bad.

    My first encounter with the SJWs happened one year ago, back when there was that situation with Chick-Fil-A.  To recap, the LGBT and allies of LGBT like myself were fronting a movement to boycott Chick-Fil-A because of their anti gay stance. (Granted, it's a damn restaurant and politics and religion have no place in it. ) To fight back against those who are boycotting it, an image of a southern black community church standing together with Chick-Fil-A fried chicken was posted on various sites.  One was on the r/Atheism section where I (princetrunks) left the comment in the vein of "the southern black community's strong religious affliction is a pure example of historical Stockholm Syndrome" As a former Catholic turned atheist,  I'll add that this is the case for really any young religious people because many aren't given the choice of faith at youth but forced into it anyways.  My comment, though a bit rough on the edges was shot to the top of that topic thread and caught the attention of the SJWs of /r/ShitRedditSays.  In other words, I pissed the BRDs off.  I quickly got harassed and called various names like "shitbag""neckbeard""racist" and a plethora of statements.  I got to comment and open up dialog with them on R/ShitRedditSays and without being able to speak an communicate in an adult fashion, I was banned from that subreddit.  This is one of the issues with SJWs...just like the hateful people who are indeed out there that they claim to protect people from... there is a one way direction of communication; a "guilty even if proven innocent" mentality.   Or as SJWs will state: "a man is a rapist even if they never raped a girl" .  

    Seriously, that's the stuff these people think and it's even sadder that with the help of gaming sites like Polygon and of course various tumblr groups, these bipolar nutjobs whom most themselves never been the victims of rape, teasing and such are ones fronting the dialog about the representation of girls in games and tout as the "voice" of the victims of bullying, rape, racism, political correctiveness, or as SJWs put it: "people not checking their privileges".   It is a worthy topic to talk about... but my goodness are they spinning in too far in the wrong direction.  They will vote down games like Dragon's Crown only because the sorceress is being sexy.  Their bitching led to Polygon giving it a lower score and even making the game creators change the box art.  

    I'll be blunt.. I one time in my life had to go through therapy because I was ready to KILL guys who sexually harassed, threatened and even raped close people to me when my school district did nothing to defend them.  When a customer in a restaurant or store is harassing a worker.. I stand up to the irate asshat customer and don't stand in the background.  I freaken owned this anime site since 2002 and have defended anime from people who simply hate anime and anime fans for the sake of teasing us.   I know very well how and what it takes to fight for those who ARE being oppressed... but don't let a SJWs campaign to ban Sexy Samus or the Sorceress of Dragon's Crown fool you.  If I go and claim how terrible the heinous culture of arranged marriage is a cancer to cultures in India and elsewhere (something you'd think these people would fight if they are really fighting for women's rights)...they'd yell that I'm a "neckbeard" who needs to check my privileges

    (Here's Carlin's take on this.  The SJWs are both pretending to be the voice of those offended, stifling comedy and doing what they can to censor even the slightest "offense")

    Even more recently they've gotten into a stink about an offcolor joke done on Game Grumps...and as this post will do as a stand against them.. they are also getting upset with Nintendo about Samus Aran still being sexy (and now sporting heels) in the upcoming Smash Bros game for WiiU.   It's like this episode of South Park... where everyone being offended over EVERYTHING does nothing for the betterment of those oppressed and kills creativity and comedy:

    This is where my need to make this post and promote #SexSamusSaturday stems from.  It's a way of telling these SJWs that being a straight male and finding an attractive girl (gamer, anime or real life) sexy, is not criminal.   If they want to help women's rights and stop REAL asshole "neckbeards"...they need to not get offended over this stuff... and check their privileges....because they are stealing everyone's privilege to speak and express... and that...that is not how this world works and they are NOT being of any help to those oppressed,teased and hurt.  The SJWs are themselves offending us who have been hurt, teased and whom have defended victims in the real world. 

    Anyways.. no more chatting... here's the sexy, strong rolemodel for gamer girls, Samus Aran:

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    Pardon the non anime subject of this..but this is very important for our sites (, & and practically ALL of the internet.  The FCC approved a plan that would put the entire internet at an even worse situation than even what the terrible laws of SOPA/PIPA would have done.

    Basically their new plan, due to listening to the bribes by ISPs here in the states,  is to turn the internet into a slow/fast lane.  Basically giving only sites that pay bribes to ISPs the ability to have their content stream at normal speeds (of course normal speeds here in the US are already far slower than the rest of the developed world due to the ISP oligopolies).

    Small companies and sites like ours and even some big players like Netflix will, heck have already been affected by the ISP cartels trying to double dip in a system they never had the rights to control in the first place.

    ALL internet traffic is equal.. this is what #NetNeutrality means and the FCC, the ISP cartels, fronted by Comcast, Verizon, AT&T, and Time Warner Cable are trying to destroy the internet as we know it.

    What you need to do:

    If you are a US citizen:

    1) CALL The FCC and it's Comcast shill head, Tom Wheeler:

    2) CALL Congress and your representatives:

    If you are not a US citizen:

    Petitions are not always as effective as some of our peers might say, but they can and do help at times... particularly when there's enough involvement....

    Sign the petition here to stop the Internet Slow Lane

    I'll return to anime/videogame news/feeds, etc shortly ^^;// but please, we have to take action on this

    Don't let the internet become THIS!

    (top image: via:

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    In preparation for the new Sailor Moon Crystal series, Viz announced something fans of Sailor Moon have never seen in the states... The ENTIRE Sailor Moon series and on Blu-ray.  Not only that, but it will be streamed on and Hulu starting May 19th!

    Here's the announcement video from Viz

    Never in the states has the final season of Sailor Moon been aired (officially) so this is big news for fans of the states... and it's also completely uncut; something us fans here had to use bootlegs to get around.

    As a long time anime fan, the sight of Sailor Moon coming back to a new generation, both in it's original form and soon the new Crystal series, makes us really, really happy.  Add that new Gundam Origin series and it's turning out to be a great spring/summer season for fans old and new.

    As for purchasing the Blu-rays, we shall see if we can stock them in our store ^_^


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    As some of you know from my past posts on G+ and Facebook, I've been doing nothing but learning Swift the past week+ since it's announcement at WWDC14...

    I'm still of course working on Tenshi-Oni, my iOS game that's been on / off since 2011 (originally a Flash game concept I thought up in 2003 actually ^^;;).  I will probably add some Swift code to it moving forward but, like I've stated, it's still going to be what the 1000s of lines of code already are... Objective-C.  I plan on porting it to Android and with Swift being so new... it probably will be a while before Swift code can be easily ported to devices outside of OS-X/IOS.

    Anyways, I'm going to be now taking a page from more modern game devs by going the easy route... ie: making a quick, simple, silly game to get things rolling.  In other words, before Tenshi-Oni comes out, I'll be rolling out another game first; a game made solely in Swift but not as ambitious as I want Tenshi-Oni to be. It'll be quick, simple and free ^_^

    I've already came up with the game's concept and like Swift (and oddly many other iOS games) I'll be around a certain bird.. a new mascot that'll be added to the Chuck's Anime Shrine cast.

    I feel this will do a few things...

    1) prove to the gaming industry that this long-time-always-on-the-sidelines gamer/programmer can code a game despite this new game not being anywhere as complex as Tenshi-Oni 

    2) Shame the companies that have rejected me thus far in getting a better 9-5 day job; companies that through the moronic decision of not hiring me have kept me STILL stuck working as an underpaid "Company's Computer Guy" for a camera store.

    3) Learn the process of the actual shipping of a game on to the Apple App Store...better I learn the ins and outs with a simple game and not with this major project I have with Tenshi-Oni

    4) Actually make some money to start which will a) maybe help me not even need a job as a programmer for another company which will then b) make my focus 9-5 be making games and not just doing them in my VERY limited spare time and c) Fund a more polished completion of Tenshi-Oni and even more future games.

    What I have been doing for a long while was try to start big... a mistake game programmers from the days before the indie-game-programming-everywhere industry we have today, like me have done.  I should have started small and, though so late to a party I could have been in in 2003... will get some first bites into with this other, much smaller simple game I'm making in Swift in addition to Tenshi-Oni ^_^

    tl;dr: I'm making another game! a short, simple game in Swift to come out before Tenshi-Oni does and to hopefully help me move to a workday where I'm more focused on being an indie game dev and my other anime site/voice acting related tasks that continue to get hampered by a 9-5 job

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    There's so many really awesome #E32014 games and news.  I'm certain you guys have seen a bunch of it the past few days from either me or others throughout the web.  Thought I'd share this introduction to Lady Palutena being a part of the Smash Bros WiiU roster.  What of course stands out is that it's got a really polished anime opening scene to it with Pit fighting Link.

    Check it out if you guys haven't yet

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    It's been some time since I've featured an anime figure here on the blog, so here's the newly announced, Nendoriod Ooi figure.

    She's a cutie and very much like the Kitakami Nendoroid that was announced last week, also from the Kantai Collection anime/game.

     She's set to arrive in the states some time in October or November ^^

    Here's some more images of her...

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  • 07/05/14--06:39: Sailor Moon Crystal Premiere

  • #SailorMoonDay has finally arrived!  The premiere of Sailor Moon Crystal aired just a few hours ago  and can be aired on a number of sites, including Crunchy Roll.

    To summarize the first episode, it basically matches what the original first episode was those many years ago.  Crystal will supposedly be more like the manga than the original anime series was.
    In the manga, the girls were a bit different in personalities... for example, Amy was more of the stuck up type than Mars was made out to be in the anime.  Also, the manga went into more detail on Tuxedo Mask / Endymion's powers as well as how important Sailor V was to the group in their past lives and during their fight with Queen Beryl.

    Below are some more screen shots from the episode and if you guys visit our ever-growing Facebook Page, we are currently giving out some free two day passes at random so that you don't have to watch Sailor Moon Crystal with commercials and in 1080p.  We only have about 3 left so I'd expect them to be gone by today ^^;;

    It's great to see anime's princess back after all these years and for a whole new generation to see.

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    Been a while since we posted a #FanServiceFriday image.  Check out this absolutely stunning Ryuko Matoi image by JimboBox


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